Natural Cotsword Stone Tiles

From our quarry at Nayles' Barn, Stanway Stone produces walling stone for all uses. All walling stone is selected by hand and graded into two types: premium walling and field walling. Both types consist of random dimension stones which vary in thickness from 25mm-100mm. Walling stone can also be cropped to a specific bed width if required.

Premium Walling

Our premium walling is a higher quality stone than field walling. It has a subtle range of colours from cream to light grey that give Cotswold stone that special appeal and is ideally suited to formal constructions e.g. formal boundary walls, ornamental garden walls and formal garden or driveway entrances.

Field Walling

We also offer a cost-effective alternative to our premium grade walling and, as the name suggests, is more suitable for field wall construction or repairs. Field walling is taken from all beds through the quarry and in turn produces a mixture of colours that give a slightly weathered appearance.


Please ring our site office or contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide prices and availability.